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Beware of pickpockets!!!

When evil fights back.

It’s painful especially for me who calls himself a veteran in the Matatu industry, to feel, firsthand, what passengers feel losing variables in the hands of criminals who are well known to most Matatu crews. I have known this gang for years, I never allowed them to board my matatu. Majority of Matatu touts especially those operating along Langata Road, Bomas, st Mary, Rongai and karen for long, might have encountered them sometime in the line of duty.

They comprises A group of about 6 well built men mostly carrying backpacks or large envelopes. They boards as passengers and take strategic position inside, they mostly prefer a near empty Matatu where there is scuffle to get seats, once seated, they find a way to create confusion. ‘Fungeni belts, police wako na operation!!. Or they may choose to alight when most of the passengers are getting in robbing them as the squeeze it the small space between the seats. They may even pick a fight with one passenger and go physical, passengers starts leaving the nearby seats calling for the driver to stop. In the ensuring commotion everyone gets confused and they never knows when their laptops, wallets and phone left their bags.

A big number of conductors have been arrested after passengers reports to the police but that’s as far as it goes. Most of these crew don’t allow them in their buses ever again. The problem with this complains is because the police locks the crew at the station for a few hours but since there is no evidence that they have the stolen properties, they are later released.

Earlier today, we lost very important data in the hands of this pickpockets In one of Rongai matatu., “it so happens that, most often we don’t feel the pain when someone else is being victimized. We know it is wrong but we choose to ignore it. Not until we are the next victim” Today I felt the pain and I hope our security agents in Langata Nairobi area will do something.

For sevaral months now, I’ve been burning midnight oil together with a group of four US students who have been in and out the country several times working on a pilot project for the milion dollar idea that will completely change how we deal with cash in the public transport sector.

Unfortunately, the angry side of public transport in Nairobi came hunting and two of the founders of this great technology were robbed in one of the flashy Rongai Matatu. A laptop that contains months of research, photos, important drafts and loads of crucial info.

I cannot imagine this thieves selling this laptop to a back street dealer and all our months of work wiped in a touch of a button. This guys are well known and many passengers can relate to similar situation, it’s painful to feel hopeless and lose valuables daily in our matatus by people who can be identified because we lack ways of apprehending six healthy, gym going, ordinary gang. And no way of proving our complains.

Is their anything in the police training for this kind of crime?

Do we have anyone qualified to be posted at Langata to solve this problem we have lived with for many years?


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