Oh woman of means, why a matatu driver?

13 Feb

My beloved, how gracious it is to come home to you; 11 yrs have passed since you run away from home to come live with me. You were truly meant to be with me. many are the times i ask my self, what drives you? What keeps you going? why are you so loyal? I can’t understand; You drive me crazy with your almost insane affection. You remind me of the preacher’s words that ‘a wife is a gift from God.

My beloved, why did you ignore them? all your friends and family warned you about loving me. they said there was no gain in loving a matatu driver, an addict, a womanizer who lived a borrowed life, a school drop-out and a tenant whose good fortune depended on his ability to pay the bills. They thought you were out of your minds when you moved in with me and got pregnant. What did you see in a looser? They all wondered; but you were dedicated; You stood by me and turned me from a boy into a man; you allowed me space to make mistakes and learn- I’m ashamed to say that i matured under your wings.

You instil fear in my heart when i reflect on the hundreds of times i have wronged you- The crap i have done behind your back, the lies i have told you and the theories i have made you believe-oh woman of faith- You are fearfully and wonderfully made- Fearfully because you scare me with my guilt and wonderfully because you still love me after all that. My beloved, they don’t know you like i do. But they must have known you exist. though it is me they see on the streets, i am sure they must have know i have a helper. They congratulate me on being smartly dressed, arriving before time. All i can do is nod my head; ashamed to take the full credit because i know it is not my honor but yours. You call me five times before i leave the bed, the water is always running in the bathroom and coffee on the table. oh woman of courage what do you see in me?

They pat me on the back for completing my assignment on time; I only  nod my head, ashamed of the fights  and arguments we had while you were pushing me to finish my projects. why do you care so much? you sacrifice your beauty and freedom to make us a home; what a joy to see my children coming to you every evening- you are always there to receive them and ask them what they have learned. The gods must have sent you to me. but why? what did i do to deserve such a person like you? It must be that time I……..? No,, It must be because of……….? but wait , may be it is because i am…….? You see, I can’t find any reason why you are so good to me. It must be love,, yes love, they say love is blind, it must have blinded you.

My beloved, should you work so hard? i never understand you, not a bit. You left your employment to bring up our children, but you never stopped working. You wake before all of us, you sleep after all of us and you never complain. You are the maid, the gardener, the teacher, the laundry, the cook and my editor. You read everything i write {except this} before i publish it, you are my biggest fan and my worst critic. oh my beloved. daughter of man- attractive woman, beautifully adorned. You dress like a pastors wife not concerned that you are a matatu drivers wife. You have made the neighbors to hate me; they say i don’t deserve someone like you. They hate me when i stagger home at 2am in the morning; They hate me even more when they see you singing hymns at the church, while I’m nursing hangover on the sofa.

My lawyer and intercessor, how many times have you brought me food and warm cloths at police stations? how much have we spent on court fines? how many times have you visited the prison? Many times they must be; but you never give up. You have learned to speak the language and negotiate justice for me. A hard worker who have her sources of revenue, a” butter winner” who adds taste to the bread i call myself the winner. You surrendered your rest and comfort along time ago, Why can’t you not sleep like everybody else? instead you wait for me at the living room, on the sofa closer to the door so that you can hear my foot steps, Even when i change course and go out with the boys, you stay up praying for me; Praying that i don’t get into an accident, i don’t get arrested, i don’t encounter robbers on the way and i don’t get trapped by a loose woman.

Oh my beloved ,my reliever, how i laugh at Homosexuals and gays- what a miserable life they are leading. All because they never found a woman like you. you capture me with seduction, i can’t believe you still find me attractive. You dress for me, make special things just for me, You look me in the eyes and lift me to the heavens. oh my beloved, you are full of romance, You guide me through the intimate session, bit by bit showing me how to reap the full benefits and when I’m done, sweating and breathing fire, you let me collapse next to you, you wait til I’m snoring before you turn my neck and cover me. that’s when your night begins.

My beloved, let it be known to you and to all those who know i and you exist that ; Your birth was of God’s.  your works have testified that you are worth of the title WIFE. You have been a blessing to this matatu driver and his children. Your life in planet Earth has brought happiness to other souls. As lovers across the world reach out to those they dearly love, expect to hear from me. happy valentine my one and only.


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3 responses to “Oh woman of means, why a matatu driver?

  1. michaelhynds

    February 13, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    This is a wonderful piece of writing. It is a beautiful tribute to your super wife. Thank you.

  2. AOO

    March 16, 2014 at 9:23 am

    You are quite a poet!

  3. d

    May 8, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    good one!


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