This man Wambururu.

19 Apr

I would really love to get rich; it is a misconception to even think that I work for any other reason. There is a Swahili saying that say; utamu wa kazi ni pesa [the joy of working is the money} I agree; to a larger extent for that matter. Most people would be happy to have some unspent money laying somewhere in a bank and not have any pending bills to pay.

 I’m not that advantaged;  may be the reason is because I work in a job I hate. I’ve read several inspiration books and family magazines and they all tell me that;-if you don’t find happiness in your job, you might never find it anywhere-. Well; I cannot ignore those worthy words of advice but all the same, happiness is not something you walk into; you don’t wake up one morning and find happiness waiting at the door post.

My current job takes about sixteen hours of my time to accomplish or as they say; to call it a day. I wake-up at five in the morning and return home around 10pm. During the 16 or so hours I’m working, I get four breaks of about twenty minutes each. The first break comes around 10am when I get my tea break; from there I make another two trips before lunch break around 1:30pm. Two more trips and another tea-break at 4pm; from then I might decide to continue till closing time or take another break depending on how busy my day has been. Put together, I get about an hour and half resting time in a day, minus that to my sixteen hours schedule and I’m left with an average of 14hrs behind the wheels.

I don’t lack happiness in my line of work because there is nothing exciting about my job; Nor because there is no money in matatu industry. No; I’ve had my share of good times and a wonderful learning experience. What I’m not happy about is the hours I’m putting in on this job. I don’t know why I ended up in this job and to be honest, it is not important right now.  I guess the best I can do is get the most out of it while I can. The only problem I might be having in the mean time is; it looks like the matatu industry is getting the most out of me.

WHY NOT QUIT? I’ve considered it many times and almost did that sometimes back, but just when I was about to live up to my New Year resolutions, I come across a book titled- How to stop worrying and start living–  the writer  advised me to keep my supply line open until I have achieved my goals in my new venture. I don’t have any other means of settling my bills although deep down I know sixteen hours is enough time to work a regular job and get enough time to take-up evening classes. Every time I contemplate quitting, I imagine the embarrassing scene of my landlord knocking on the door with a chain of padlocks hanging on his belt or my son coming home in the evening handing me the head teacher’s note asking when I intend to clear my arrears.

There is Something about this two people that scares the hell out of me. At times, I imagine coming home one day with lots of money, pay house rent for five years in advance and then go out with the boys and come home at midnight; pretend I’ve had one too many and have confused the landlord’s door with the urinal. But that is just a fantasy that might never come to pass. I have a friend somewhere in Netherlands who promised me that one day, I will decide whether to fulfill my fantasy or not. That is still to be seen but I want to believe all will work for the better. In the mean time I want to hang onto my fantasy and keep smiling.


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5 responses to “This man Wambururu.

  1. Sue

    September 3, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Working 16 hours a day is not an easy thing. Hats off to you. I think most of us who work have had those feelings of wanting to quit at one time or another. But when others are depending on you, that’s hard to do. There is a saying that ” it’s easier to find a job when you have one”.When you work somewhere, you are always interacting with people. And that also means getting to hear of opportunities and openings elsewhere. I think when you are looking for a way out, keep your eyes and ears open,one day something in a field that interests you will open up. The dangerous thing in quitting without a plan is that once you are home and become broke, desperation can set in quickly. You also lose the network I mentioned earlier. Keep writing and doing all that you do now, when the right time comes, a door will open up.

  2. wambururu

    September 3, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Thanks Sue; You clearly understand what I’m talking about here. Anyway I’m okay and Thank God that I pay my own bills. I will surely keep writing; mention me to a few of your friends and who knows, i might start writing a column in the weekend paper.

  3. Mwangi

    October 11, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    I will use the phrase that a rapper by the name of Too Short said in his hit single “Get it while the getting is good” meaning you are making a living right now and hopefully you can save a little money on the side to pursue your other interests.
    I realize its not that easy to do so with your job taking most of your day but I commend you first of all for getting this blog going. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. I too work at a job that takes up most of my day and believe me I know how it is when you get home you are bone tired and want to do nothing but sleep. Vumilia ndugu

  4. Ash

    July 14, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Wonderful blog James! Just saw Mike Healy’s film about you and found your insights so interesting I simply had to read your blog. I came into contact with matatus last year while I was working in Uganda. I never realised how long the hours are and how important it is to drive quickly and keep the matatu full because, of course I did not understand the language and I found it annoying that the matatu was too full and dangerous. However, I also have a lot of sympathy when it comes to the phasing out of the matatus (this is supposed to happen in Kampala too). I don’t think it is a very well thought out policy by the government because transport employs so many young people. I can’t image what industry they will all move to. The only other industry that employs so many young men is security, but these young men do not learn enough skills to move on when they are too old for their jobs. I there needs to be more training on the job for young people so that they have a better chance when they become too old to do these kinds of jobs.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your thoughts and I really respect your ‘drive’ 😉 Good luck!

  5. kimaiyo kibichi

    November 8, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    Which way is advisable to acquire a vehicle for public transport as in import or buy it locally?


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