My Stay home sunday. Dad’s day in.

04 Feb

I spent the whole Sunday at home, the first for me this year. I combed the kid’s hair and tacked their shirts as they went for church service; I had promised them that i would catch up with them later but i knew it wasn’t true. I was left home alone rolling on the couch watching television. It’s like this are the last days when the gospel will be preached in every corner of the Earth before the end. Every station has become religious! Televangelists have taken every available airwaves; I don’t think many people go to church nowadays. Why go to a congested hall while you can stay At home where you have the freedom to choose, and not just that; you can attend up to five churches/ different sermon; at the comfort of your living room; you can even send offerings through mobile phone M-pesa. Well if this is the situation, I guess in a way, it means more indoor family times. Christianity has moved from analog to digital.
I still don’t know why Christians can’t come up with a one worship center; say like hire or build a stadium and all of us can meet there instead of opening churches in every corner; some even separated by a thin wall. I’m not innocent on this issue as I and my family also pass so many Christian churches to go to church.
Anyway let’s talk about my stay home Sunday; I had made up my mind that I would be off any duty. I had been holding on to lots{ I mean lots } of complain from the woman who fills in for me when the kids wants something. She had not been complaining or saying it openly, but she been murmuring a lot of comments about the time I was spending with them.I thought running an office was much easier than driving a matatu but reality is proofing me wrong. I most often find myself in the office way past 11pm. And I don’t close the office because I’ve finished my work: No, it’s because I have to buy breakfast before the last shop closes at midnight and also to catch some sleep and change cloths.
I’m up again before seven to escort the kids to school and be at the office by 8am. My new vocation requires me as the secretary and also the project leader, to perform all the secretary’s’ jobs and also the directors duties. We hold a board meeting every morning from 10 to 11am. I have to write the minutes and then held to the cyber café to reply mails, update the blog, respond to comments, advertise the welfare and seek funding for a Matatu drivers road safety campaign project.{ We are planning to give every matatu driver a copy of the HIGH-CODE BOOKLET for refreshment of the laws and rules that govern the movement of vehicles; especially now that we have new roads and tough laws.}
I leave the cyber at around 2.30—3pm when I go back to the office for lunch break. The next three hours are mostly not very busy but unfortunately, I happen to live far from the office, as much I would love to be with the family, I just can’t rush home. My next duty starts at 8 when matatus start closing their job leaving me to balance the equation and forward the income to matatu owners’ accounts. This takes up to midnight sometimes.It was not for nothing that the murmuring had intensified at home. And that explained the reason i had to be home this Sunday.
I waited until mama and watoto return from church around 2pm. I had dozed off, for more minutes than I had watched the TV, When they were seated eating their lunch, I acted like the daddy and asked the hundred years old question that I had been asked by my parents and probably they were asked by their parents and their parents for centuries. “What did you learn today?” My father used to ask me that very question every time I came from school or church.
My son is very attentive in school and also in church, I’m proud of him for that. He told me they had been taught about “not judging other people or thinking they are worse sinners than we are” The pastor had read a book in the new testament that tells a story of a woman who was caught committing adultery and was brought to Jesus. I have heard the story hundreds of times but I wasn’t ready for the question my ever curious son had for me.
Dad?, What did this woman do that she deserved to be killed?” I looked at my wife expecting her support like always, but she cleared the table and disappeared to the kitchen.I have never thought or imagined that a biblical reason could suddenly turn into a sex education. “How do you tell 10yrs old that adultery is having sexual intercourse with a person who you are not authorized to do it with? Where do I draw the line between permitted and illegal? I was wondering if I had to tell him; and his much younger sister; what sex is, and why it is so important such that, if you are caught doing it with the wrong person, the law says you should be put to death. I played with words as usual and I finally managed to convince them but I was surprised that they did not look surprised about my sex education. It left me wondering; just how much do they know about that topic?
The rest of the day was spent eating, drinking and watching “Honey, I slunk the kids!”. Two liters of Soda and two boxes of biscuit did the magic for me. Were it on an election day, they would have voted for me as the best parent; but I know better.


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2 responses to “My Stay home sunday. Dad’s day in.

  1. kevin moses macharia

    February 8, 2013 at 10:58 am

    nice stuff man i 2 im in the industry just have some things i need to know i plan 2 bring a 25 seater mat 2 rt 125 jst need 2 know which sacco would u recommend n any other info that may be usefull hope i hear from u soon

    • wambururu

      February 11, 2013 at 8:05 am

      I don’t
      know if your matatu is new or you want to relocate from another route.
      If it is already on the road, come join Orokise Sacco. you pay a
      membership fee of between 5–10.000 and you get what you need to apply
      for TLB. i guess that all; if you plan to manage the matatu yourself.
      25 seaters are not common on this route, i hope it has a beautiful or
      comfortable look. you are not new in this business so, i hope you will
      be around and you know the nature of business in most route.
      Let me know if you are interested; i can introduce you to a few key players.


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