What is Christmas all About ?

31 Dec

He who has never left home, believes; his mother is the best cook.”-so says a kikuyu- proverb. I wonder Where our ancestors, got all this wisdom from?; and yet they taught this words long before the first explorers came to Africa with books.?
I don’t know for sure but they were right. To me, a proverb is a saying that has a different translation than what the words exactly says. Or, we can say, not really meaning what is written but a whole lot more. Let us take a wider translation of the kikuyu- proverb above and see it from an African setting.
A boy born and brought up in a traditional kikuyu- family is more familiar with the traditions of his tribe and may even have fulfilled most of the rites of his fathers. In most circumstances, Young kikuyu- adults are only allowed to leave their mothers house after circumcision, at the age of 15yrs; where by then, they will have been taught skills to enable them find their paths in life as adults.
This is the most important rites in the Kikuyu culture as it signifies entry to adulthood. But as much as our fathers prepare us to carry-on with our customs, they still caution us{ like in the proverb} not to relay only in our own understanding {our mother’s cooking’s } but to also taste other’s cooking’s as well.
One of the delicacies i tasted when I became an adult and made my own choices was Christianity. I become aware of God in heaven who created the dry land from a mass of water and then made man to dwell on the land.
I had not heard this from my former mentors, so I decided to looked deeper. I read about how sometimes later, God who created the world, was not pleased with the man He had created and decided to forget the whole project, but He looked down and there was this one gentleman called Noah- who did not deserve to die. So, he made an escape plan for him and his family of eight people, everybody else perished.
After many Generations, God was again not pleased with the man He had created. He looked down and there was not a single person who did not deserve to die. He was not ready to give up on His project seeing He had rescued it before. He designed a work-plan that would put in place an everlasting salvation for man to redeem his own soul.
There was this one man from the House of David, named Joachim, who had no child despite been married for many years. A season came when forks that lived in the city had to go back to their ancestral villages { just like the modern day Christmas festival} to register new members to the clan and be counted. As this childless Joachim was preparing to go, somebody told him that he should as well stay back since he was not going to add any entry to the register seeing he had no child.” The man got so irritated that he went to see the priest about it. But to his disappointment, the story was true. All those who had their names written on the records had brought forth children.
He went home a very sad man and canceled the trip. When everybody else had left, he went to the mountains and fasted forty days and nights, at the end of the fast, he went home confident that God would do something. He made a vow that; if God kept His promise, Joachim would give back the child to the temple to serve God. Nine months later, he was the father to a very beautiful girl. He named her Mary, and when she was 6yrs old, he took her to the priest at the temple of God; this was to keep the promise he had vowed to God. The girl grew up at the temple until she turned 14yrs. When she started showing signs of adulthood:
She was taken from the temple and given to another gentleman from the house of David who had lost his wife. He was working as a carpenter abroad leaving his house unoccupied for many months. Mary moved in and Joseph left to mind his business. When he returned from abroad a few months later, he found the young girl heavy with a child. He went straight to the priest who had given him the girl and reported the matter. They were put to trial; as is written in numbers chapter 5. Both were found innocent and allowed to go back home. Later that same year, that season for the descendants of the house of David to travel back home to register their children came. Joseph prepared to make the trip and packed his bags and those of his sons James and Simon. He also prepared a donkey to carry Mary for the three days journey; she was heavily pressed as she was in the last days of the ninth month.
They did not make it as the child came before they had settled. This little boy who was born miraculously; later came to be the most famous human being to have walked the Earth. I don’t know what is your relationship with him, but who ever he is to you, Christmas is about His birthday. If you choose to celebrate i wish you merry- and if you don’t know him, its time you do something about it. He is worth knowing.
Wishing you all a happy new year.

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