let’s talk about matatu Industry.

19 Jul

Maryanne Morris

Hallo there. I have been looking for blogs with such a platform. I was wondering if there is a way you can assist. I would like to know who to contact when matatu drivers and touts get out of hand. Today morning, from town to westlands it was 50 Kenyan shillings. Who decides on these prices and what criteria is used. Lately the fares on that Nairobi-westalnds-kangemi route have been fluctuating from 30 shillings to 40 shillings and today 50shillings. That is insane. Who can I contact to address my complaint? Thank you

Wambururu In reply to Maryanne Morris.

Hello Maryanne; first; thank you for taking the effort to seek explanation. we owe you one, as to why? Fares suddenly raise by margins that can not be reasonably possible in the business market. Bearing in mind that the normal fare from Westland’s to town is 30.Sh.

The increase can arise due to Three main reasons; 1} from greed;/extortion; 2} Time taken -in case of heavy traffic-; and 3} The law of demand & supply; we all learned in our business education classes- If the demand is high , it obviously, affect the price. Another reason can be >The travel class – the fancier the matatu the higher the fare.}

I don’t know how traffic was in the morning but I hope you can identify with one of the reasons I’ve mentioned and perhaps see where the crew were taking advantage or grabbing an opportunity. About where you can address an grievances regarding any mistreatment, the only person you can talk to is the cop; as much as i know you would have preferred to talk to somebody else. I am sorry you started your day on a bad note and we are largely to blame.


Sir, could u please advise me the process of acquiring a loan to start a matatu business. Since am not really employed I plan to be dere myself so I guess management should not be a problem. Also, if I have let say 300k can I get the rest as a loan from a bank and they keep the logbook until I finish the loan. Thank u Abu   | In reply to Abu.

Hello Abu; thank you for taking time to read my blog and for the question about matatu investment;

To start of- 300K- ksh is quite a lot of money especially if you have the money in a bank- most banks will give you 3times what you have;i.e. if you been saving with them for six months and above. I also know few people at equity bank who maybe able to help you; but I’m not yet sure how they come in and the log-book issue. I would first advice you to decide on the type of matatu you want to buy- Toyota ;NISSAN,-MINI-BUS. once you have identified the vehicle,, see how much it will cost and a little bit of history about the particular car{year of manufacture, whether the engine has been changed, if it has been involved in an accident etc.} see how much you need and then go talk to the sacco operating on your route of choice.

In Ongata rongai, we have a very strong sacco called ORO-KISE; they can be very helpful. I will dig up for more and get back to you. thanks again for your inquiry.

martin njue commented on Matatus and their Role in Kenyan politics.

Just read your story and for real, Me i have been in the matatu industry for more than seven years since the moi regime when we used to eat on silver platter until recently the government realized that matatu business if strangled with tight “sheria” hard rules with which obviously we matatu mad men we would break, n to settle this out tha kitu kidogo flag flew high. So this business began dehydrating n soon matatu business at the end of the day’s count 75% was listed in @ matatu to have been forcefully possessed by the police and cartels daily. So slowly and slowly parking’s and car 4 sale lots were filled with matatus.4me my matatu is now a private van with which i feel at peace because no money is being taken from me on the road.The government should realize that facing first of- all the 14seater matatu will be a wide gate for insecurity and evil doings to the mwananchi, This is because 95% of Kenyans work and depend on this machines, Ningeomba serikali iweze kutuangalia sisi wananchi wa mapato kidogo.

Thanx for all the new out comings in our industry, but i got this  question. I heard that  matatu registration from KAN going down wards will b wiped out their T.L.B, is this  verified? I own a matatu KAN that’s why I’m eager to know  about this. could you be having a clue? I will appreciate. God bless.  to Martin.

Thank you Martin for bearing witness and confirming that The problem does truly exist. you have explained things as they are and with much more insight from the vehicles owners point of view. at least you have memories of the good but not very good days when Moi was the King; His word was law and he was okay with our contribution to the economy and need for transport. President Moi knew the importance of the sector and kept every body happy. I remember when he personally suggested that we create a standing section to cover the cost of operating the business instead of increasing fares.

But that was analog generation- the michuki digital transformations transformed everything. I have no idea that the facing off would start with registration but KAN has a lot of strength left in it that can be useful to our beloved country. don’t give up just yet.


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2 responses to “let’s talk about matatu Industry.

  1. wakaranja

    July 19, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Good one brathe!

  2. Raphael

    March 2, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Thanks for the much are matatu drvers paid..both short and long distances


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