Why do good people die in accidents?

20 Jun

The past one week has really puzzled me and actually made me think about the reason why people die in accidents and the reason some of this accidents although quite predictable are too hard to prevent. I was even persuaded to believe that; most of the road accidents that are classified as fatal {where lives are lost} are just a means to a destined fate. Whether accidental as the name indicate; or pre-arranged and made to look like real accidents, they have costed us too much.

Kenya is a country that has existed for over 49 yrs as an independent nation. Over the years we have lost quite a number of very promising leaders. People like Alex- Muge, Kip- kones, Bonaya Godana, Ahmed Khalif and many others. Their deaths still remains a mystery to majority of Kenyans who would like to get to the bottom of this mysteries or curses and know what really happened.  It then beats all logic to imagine what was going on in the minds of our intelligence officers when they allowed the minister of internal security professor Saitoti and his assistant Hon. Ojonde to fall for a very obvious security lapse.our two most senior intelligence heads were riding in the same helicopter. Could this security measure if adhered to, saved one of them? My bet yes.

Kenya is at war with terrorists and I’m not saying that they had a hand in the crash but whether they took part or not, this should not have happened. But, let’s forget the threat posed by the terrorists and see the possibility of it being an act of God. Over the years that I have been on the road, I’ve seen very many accidents; but when Saitoti died in that helicopter accident, I understood the pain of losing somebody I knew and also somebody I was closely attached to.

I’ve known Professor Saitoti for the past 10 yrs I’ve resided in Ongata Rongai Township. I voted for him in the last general elections as my member of parliament and I would have voted for him as the next president of Kenya if Uhuru Kenyatta’s name was to miss in the ballot paper. The news of his death was a big shock as it made me realize how much I loved him. I felt the loss personally and again for the residents of Kajiado North especially the Masaai community. The late professor was a man of the people who has been the shield to his constituents for many years and managed to turn his turf into one of the richest constituency in Kenya.

He might not have spoken openly about the Matatu industry but I’m positively sure that he was on our side. It is not once or twice or even three times that he has cut short his busy schedule to come to Rongai police station or Ngong to help free his people from the jaws of police harassment and bad politics. There are many a time that he has stood by his people and helped to bend some traffic laws that have seen his people continual to travel in open pick-up trucks to the remote areas of the greater Masai land. And like he said in Kasarani- There comes a time- A time to put the interest of our country before everything else. I believe that is what he lived for.

During his burial in Kitengera at the weekend, many leaders who attended the ceremony spoke of their personal relationship with the mathematics professor and what a good leader and a statesman he was. What I failed to hear is anybody taking the blame for the accident as it is obvious that human error contributed to the humiliating dismiss of our best solders. The country’s intelligence docket currently headed by a Man from central Kenya has of late been accused of not being tight enough to secure our borders.

Just the other day, we were treated to a very high level corruption TV series that involved drugs deals with some very senior government officials. We all held our breaths and waited for the government to arrest and take to court the directors of the TV station that made those allegations but to our amazement; the journalist had done his home work well and what we were watching were the true facts of what had transpired. It scares the hell out of ordinary citizens like me to even imagine that the same people who allowed a vice of such magnitude to take place and even interfere with our properties are the ones watching over our security. It is no wonder that we will never honestly believe that Saitoti and Ojonde and the four police officers died in a normal accident. We can only pray that God rest the souls of our dear countrymen in eternal peace.


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3 responses to “Why do good people die in accidents?

  1. Patrick Teye

    June 23, 2012 at 12:42 am

    nice piece

  2. eqechoes

    July 17, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Why do good people die in accidents? Because everyone, good or bad has a probability of it happening to them if they travel. If accidents are the act of god then that’s not a god I’ll entrust with my cherished dead(if god exists).

  3. wambururu

    July 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    I won’t agree more on People having a higher probability of dieing if they travel. i wonder what is the percentage of the risk and then i can know how much i put my life on the line everyday. about there being a God {not a god;} I guess that is a personal decision that depends on the reasons you have; to believe in the possibility of God and gods.


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