The people behind a matatu driver.

02 Jun

The past few days has gotten the best of me and somehow made me think again about my career as a matatu driver. I’ve deferred with traditions and violated some religious and man-made obligations. Lied when I had to and even bribed my way out of probable arrests; I can’t say I have robbed but that does not mean I have earned every cent I spend on my family the honest way. I have been used and abused and hailed as a hero in the course of being a good parent. Humiliated and cheated,,,,,? Yes!!! But beaten? Never. When I look back at what I have achieved and how ready we are as a family to face the future, I can’t hide the smile in the corner of my mouth.

The new traffic laws which might take affect any time from now are causing me sleepless nights when I imagine how my family will survive with me behind the bars. Many people including most of my passengers customers and law makers don’t think we have anything to lose by going to jail or paying hefty fines in court. Like many others in my line of job; we have much to look forward to and honestly, I don’t think any matatu driver would want to be involved in an accident.  Here are the people who make  me sit behind the wheels of a matatu.

When a man and a woman decide to build a family, they soon see God’s hand when they are blessed with the young version of themselves.

George is the oldest, he is 11 yrs old. He was born the year I drove my first matatu. followed by his bother Adrian at 4yrs and then their sister Eve who will be 2yrs in July.  George is a day scholar at Jack ridge academy; he is in class six. His academic performance is okay; although he is not Number 1 – he has held his position among the top ten since class four. He talks of Aeroplanes and dreams of sitting in the cockpit of one.

Adrian is in nursery school at Strong towers academy; this is his second year in uniform and he is doing quite impressive.  He is learning the language and mathematics. He likes speaking English although most of the people he lives with just speak corrupted Swahili.{ Including his parents}

Eve is Daddy’s girl and does everything his father does; She takes her time to look through the bible and try to find out what is soo interesting in this book that her parents keeps on turning the pages. She likes to admire her face on the screen. I guess she knows she is beautiful. She will probably be on TV when she grows up. I pray she chooses Journalism and pray she makes it to the silver screen. I hope to have calved in a name in the entertainment industry and perhaps give her the foundation.

Talk about computers and my son Adrian just keep on surprising me; He gives the small machine too much attention and somehow manages to play his favourite games and also do some other stuff. I hope he grows up to become a judge or a law expert and fight for the rights of many like me who have to accept corruption as part of their job description. there is also lots of opportunities in the IT; I guess I will allow him to spend his time with the small machine.


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2 responses to “The people behind a matatu driver.

  1. Ayaan

    June 2, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    well written.

  2. Vee

    July 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

    You are really gifted..may God bless your family


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