Is this what caused the pot belly?

25 Feb

I have for a long time wanted to share this message with somebody; although I know it will not go down well with some of my biggest fans. Today being a Saturday; I know many have started to wipe the dust from the bible cover, but we can still take a few minutes and compare notes.

I work in an industry that most people would not even imagine that we read the bible; I don’t blame those who think like that because – Who would expect the people who cause all the confusion on our roads, overcharge passengers, obstruct other motorists, bribe our way out of traffic offenses, call our customers names and drop them before they reach their destination not to mention play load music among other evils; can find time to seek God? I nevertheless spend a few moments everyday studying the word and that’s what has led me to write this article.

It has been a tough decision to make because I believe religion is not something you write about everyday and also not the kind of topic I can pretend to have figured out. whether I’m doing it in all truth, or I have a secret hatred for our dear sisters is for you to decide. The reason I would still prefer you comment on this topic is to enlighten me on the subject in case I may have missed the point; but still, I feel it’s much better if i share it with everybody, in case a better mind will explain it better to me.

The issue at hand is what is causing pot belly in married women?- and yet they were the shape of a coca cola bottle before marriage. In my own opinion, Adultery has also contributed although there are tens of other reasons. In the society that we are living in today, many people have become what a Swahili speaker would call;-Kuzoeana na Mungu-i.e we have gotten used to God so much to a point that it looks like He must have changed his mind about punishing offenders. Fornication and cheating among the married is the hottest news; they are calling it the new swag. Married couples[ men/women] have taken over the airwaves, they call Maina kageni in his breakfast show on classic FM; explaining how they are making good this horrifying act, some with younger men and even domestic workers including gardeners and watchmen.

But is this the cause of this ex-figure 8, now figure-less woman of today? Let’s see the possibilities.

The teaching on the trial of unfaithful woman is found in the old testament book of Numbers chapter 5; in the text that runs from verse 11 and ends with verse 29; God tells Moses how he would come to deal with a scorn that was soon to visit the house of Israel and later spread to the whole world. He also tells Moses the kind of punishment that He will bring upon the perpetrators of the most hidden crime of a cheating wife.

I know this sounds flimsy to the modern Christian; to even imagine that, religion can cause change in physical appearance. But in reality I believe it does. In the old days a husband’s suspicion that his wife was cheating on him was enough to warrant a trial and in-case the accused was found to have committed the crimes she was suspected of, then something would happen to her stomach and thighs and it would be a sign to the everyone that the said woman had defiled her marriage bed. This is not witch craft not unless the bible is a book of tricks.

In those days, if a man suspected that the wife had gone astray; he would report her to the priest and the man of God would call the suspect and make her pass though a trial. She would be given some concoction prepared from the dust of the temple among other ingredients. The verdict is clearly spelt out in numbers chapter 5:27; And when he[the priest] has made her[the suspect] to drink of the water, then it shall come to pass that, if she be defiled and has done trespass against her husband, the water that causes the curse shall enter into her and become bitter and her belly shall swell and her thigh shall rot. and the woman shall be a curse among her people.
In our modern world, much has changed and it might prove really hard to find a priest who is willing to perform the trail or even find any who knows of their being such a thing. Every preacher is talking about helping the faithful with financial break through and planting seeds. But this whole concept changes once we look at what was revealed to Paul, 500 yrs later since the law was first published.

The passage found in the first letter [Paul] wrote to the Corinthians, takes us back to the same trial and the punishment that those in the days of Moses had to go through, we see that it is only the circumstances that have changed, but the law of God has remained is effective as ever.

In the book of; 1st Corinthians  ; Paul here again bringing the high priest who according to the New Testament is our Lord Jesus Christ. By His death on the cross, Jesus shed’s his own blood to atone for all sacrifices, marking the end of all blood sacrifices. In this particular case of un-faithfulness, his blood takes the place of the blood of birds, the measure of flour and herbs that came from the husband and given to the priest to perform the trial..

Paul writes In verse 27. warning those who were taking in vain the holy communion which is observed to remind us of the innocent death on the cross of our Lord; ”wherefore who-so-ever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the blood and body of the lord; but let every man examine himself and drink this cup; for anyone that eats and drinks this cup unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself; not discerning the Lords body. In verse 30; Paul wrote; it is for this cause that many are weak and sick and many sleep.

Can you imagine that the Holy Communion that you receive so openly in the house of worship could be the cause of sickness and death? Well; think again before you put that sacrament bread and sip that cup in remembrance of the Lord. It may cause your belly to swell.


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2 responses to “Is this what caused the pot belly?

  1. Mugure

    February 28, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Eh! Yawa!!! don’t hold back!!! Tell it as it is!!! Now I have to do some crunches to get rid of my belly before anyone suspects me of the worst!!! Having said that, I appreciate your sharing the Word of God as it is!!! No mincing words!!!


    • wambururu

      March 1, 2012 at 7:34 am

      They say truth hurts and again; the proverbs says that; reproof a fool and he will hate you ; but reproof a wise person and he will get wiser. but remember i Said It might be; one of the causes, but not the only reason.
      thanks for a good reply.


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