The Other Kenyans.

02 Feb

According to one Niccolo Machiavelli. It cannot be called prowess to Kill,fellow citizens, to betray friends, to be treacherous, pitiless or irreligious. This ways can win a prince power but not glory.

I don’t expect that majority in the industry I work in have read  Machiavelli THE prince. A book that was traditionally said to have been inspired by the devil, It is also touted to be the bible of real politik.( Which leaves us wondering who really inspires politicians,) But since politics determines who we are and what identifies us; It is then wise to  see things from a political point of view.

The issue at hand is the crackdown on organized groups. for those who read newspapers and watch Television, it may appear to them as though a certain movement has such a great following such that, It has captured the eyes of the whole world. If you have been  listening to the radio or happens to watch news on Television, you are aware by now what group I’m talking about here. we have become used to seeing on Tv everyday as hundreds of its members are arrested and taken to courts all over the country. But we still hear stories of others who are still collecting illegal money from traders in almost every major town in the country. I know most of them as the matatu industry is one of the sector that has been affected by their influence for a number of years now.

But, as much as i would like to agree with the news that is available to the public, I still have a bone to break with the authorities responsible with handling this National disaster. It seems as the more the government wages war on the sect, the more it continues to grow. it has now reached a piont where, as a trader, it is better to pay trhe protection fee than to risk having your head disconnected from the rest of the body as has been the case to many who have refused to compaly. The government have failed compleatly in protecting its citizens leaving them to the mercy of the sect members. The state had tried to use brutal force to drive them out of business. there were so many reported cases of some members disappearing and later found murdered or excecuted by police as many claimed. The formular did not work due to public outcry and relatives of those found murdered put a lot of pressure on the government and were soon joined by International communities.

Their activities got a new life span soon after One minister who had been on the forefront in distablising the sect was transferred to another ministry. his approach was not to bear fruits because in my opinion; It was inhuman and brutal.  Even if we were to kill all members of the illegal sect, it would only be a matter of time before  another movement would come up and follows in the olds footsteps.

We attained independence to self-rule in order to use Kenya as a lunching pad where we can develop our own formulas that we can sell to the rest of the world. We the citizens of this beautiful country have no option but take the first stepDenying that this groupings are a thorn in our fresh would be vanity, the best way to go about it is; To hire expert who will study the issue and be able to tell us what it is we really want and why we have not yet found it fifty years since attaining self-rule.

The other option would be to use the courts to guarantee us that, our rights as equal citizens is no longer violated and that our freedom that has been taken from us for a very long time is restored. Let us stop pointing fingers at each other and blaming this for that. Let us  all in one accord concentrate on building this our beloved country. We have a new constitution that spell out very clearly the laws and the rights that Kenyans should enjoy. Everybody knows that change comes with a lot of adjustments, lets  not violate some people’s rights to protect others, no one is superior to the new constitution;

The police should follow the law in dealing with sect members since, they are also Kenyans who have been brainwashed by some powerful souls for selfish personal gains. Help them find their way home. As the general elections campaign kick off, watch for yourself and come january and you will realise how much you share in common with the said gang members. like it or not, they are our brothers and sisters; and with the freedom of religion in our constitution, we should come up with measures that will guarantee that we start enjoying our sleep. As for now, no one has come up with a formula that can assure us of our safety.

We should think and put in place measures that will make Kenya a sects-free society. i hope its one of the package for vision twenty thirty.

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