Promise us you will be back Mr Kenyatta.

31 Jan

It  did not shock me, when one Kenyan in particular; was put on trial at the International criminal court, accused of committing crimes against Humanity.  (note that i did not say;a high-profile or senior so and so – because Uhuru, doesn’t consider himself as so. I personally know him as servants of Kenya. A person who has dedicated his life for the welfare of Kenya as a country.)

The reason why the decision by the ICC did not surprise me is because i had suspected right from the beginning that this was just a political card like all the lest and its goal was to  educated as well as brainwash Kenyans into ungovernable citizens. If any leader is responsible for the 2007- 2008 elections violence none is more suited than the former president for handing over power and not warning his predecessor of the tribal differences and how to manage it. But he is still innocent because he had  tried to tell us,Kenyans citizens that; Uhuru was the only person capable of leading Kenya.

I followed the proceedings during the confirmations hearings and It proved to me that this  Gentleman is truly good and probably better than I thought. I would have lived in doubts, wondering what caused the violence and who was responsible but thanks to the ICC I now Know it had nothing to do with the politician. Kenyans should be very ashamed for having fought a foolish war. And then Blaming our Leaders for our own mistakes.

Putting Uhuru on trial for all the crimes the Kikuyu committed is like a big joke. The only reason he is at the international spot light is for history writing. If i was one of the decisions making board of the international criminal court, and a case like the one at hand; come’s up for hearing  at the court, I would most likely put it on trial to show the world that the court is not just about convicting leaders and does not always mean that all the suspects facing charges there are Guilty.

I will continue following the proceedings and praying for it to clear our man on time before the next general elections. We can all do Kenya a great favour by electing him the next president it would even be better still if Ruto was his running mate, throw in Muthaura as his adviser and Kenya is ready to rock and roll.

A word of encouragement to Uhuru- keep up the good work, we appreciate all you have done for us. You stood by us during the Kamatusa eras you were our voice at the committee that formed the coalition government when our economy was going down you did all you could to change the course

. And when we had almost given-up hope of keeping our jobs in the fourteen seater matatus, You gave us hope that we might not be going anywhere anytime soon. We wish you all the best and promise to support you in your straggle. Even if it means voting for you. TUKO NA WEWE.

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One response to “Promise us you will be back Mr Kenyatta.

  1. patrick pettto

    January 31, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    keep up he good philosophy my brother


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