matatu whistle blower

04 Jan

I was reading the comments which many of you sent after the film was shown on Aljazeera and I really appreciated how hundreds of well wishers were  happy for me and wished me success in my new venture. I smiled in the heart as I recalled some of the blessings and uncertainty that the film had brought my way.

My job was the first casualty, The story captured the matatu industry inside story like it has never be done before, not to mention touching on very sensitive issues involving corruption. although majority  supported what I had achived, No employer felt safe to have me in his /her list for fear of victimaization. in-case the parties mentioned, took issues.

It did not come as a surprise since, my wife had warned me countless times during the shooting and after. The timing was the one thing wrong. Christmas was just around the corner and then January; when school fees must  be paid.I decided to spend time with the family as a planned  the next option.

The blog turned to a blessing immediately the matatu industry showed me the back. I received a call from A merica a week before Christmas; it was from a wellwisher who saw the film. She sent me three pairs of shoes. one for Adrian to make up for the one we could not afford during the film and each for his brother and sister. Madam, Mugure; God bless you.

As we were celebrating the wonders of God, and internet, I received another call from Finland. A geography class teacher and his class sent me a Christmas gift of shoes for the whole family. Teacher Larson and your students; God bless you.

It did not stop their, Early in the morning after Christmas, another call  came through from American. A somali- brother instructed  a local forex to make sure we did not lack meat for two days.  Elyas; God bless you.

As I was sitting in the house thanking God for a wonderful year full of blessings, another call came.  I received a brand new laptop computer, complete with modem; from an Angel who was touched by my story and moved in to help. Nick, God bless you.

I have also learned a new lesson. I used to think driving a matatu was hardwork,but the time i have spent at home dealing with children the whole day and waking up the next day to start the routine is something else. I now know why my wife keep asking for the ring.

Lets hope the publisher calls sooner, After that we can start making plans.

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One response to “matatu whistle blower

  1. Wamae wa Karanja

    January 10, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Uko juu brathe! AIDS is a silent killer, by the way, happy new year!

    Keep it coming.


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