Why Aids- if its just sex?

17 Dec

The horror that Aids sometimes  is.

There are two things that really puzzles me in this life, and i pray that my Lord will protect me in a way that i will not be a victim. This two issues i have a problem with  are  actually connected but with deferring angles. My quest  is to know, Just What is the relationship or what link is there between H.I.V{ AIDS} and sex.  I have seen the horror that is a patient suffering from this disease,
In the industry that i work in, AIDS is not such a big deal. Why?  Because more than 10% of the operators either have the disease or are known to have had a partner who has the virus or has passed on. The first time i come face to face with  the victims of this deadly killer was in 1998 when one very close friend of mine was admitted at Kenyatta hospital. I visited him in the 8th floor but honestly, I was so scared, you can imagine walking in to a room full of people.  you then stop to think that, the reason  some ended up here in this condition is because they slept with somebody.
Whats behind this logic?  Most of the STD s are  painful and embarrassing as they are a nuisance  and show up sooner in a questionable manner that require  a visit to the doctor. but it is not so  with AIDS, This is a smooth ride to the grave.
Aids comes when you are at the height of enjoyment and fun.You feel no pain as the virus swims from one body into to the other. In cases of Adultery, nobody even finds out about it, it’s just the two people involved. They take a shower put on some makeups and off they go back  to their daily life,but wait until the pay-day comes, the horror that is AIDS pays a visit;
In my own personal opinion i think Aids has a lot to do  with scientists. Forgive me  but the fact is, Aids came to reform many..
What with all the fornication and Cheating we hear on the Radio every day,, And the newly introduced swag by modern class citizens called wife’s swapping?
The bible writer calls it,bread eaten in secret, it is sweet but the aftermath is disaster.
When AIDS  comes to your body, the end begins,you lose everything you have,Hair , weight, friends, Ability to work or even walk, you are left a bedridden in some dark and unhygienic corner of a room. All your investments comes to nothing, all your dreams die with you.
This is the horror that sex sometimes is,and yet, in every cover of the magazine, they always carry  some great news on how to improve, invent,  improvise and also tips on how to perfect this great act that sex is. I have never heard of a faithful couple who died of Aids but i know many singles whose players partners died of this disease.
Adultery is a sin not a crime,nor is  HIV–Aids a sin, but  be wise, it is not fit of anybody to die the same way they were conceived.

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4 responses to “Why Aids- if its just sex?

  1. mimitu

    December 18, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    thinking in the right direction…

  2. nizar ben othman

    December 18, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    hello .i’m a student from Finland we watched a movie about you .:) thank you for the good job ?

  3. David

    January 17, 2012 at 1:28 am

    I have a great feeling this is punishment from God, you do it in the darkness but the reality comes in the like when you least expect, the best way to keep it away is by abstaining or ensure faithfulness and trust at high level with your partner.

    Healthy topic for the youth.

  4. cookyinafrica

    January 24, 2012 at 2:19 am

    AIDS was not created by scientists… otherwise nice article.


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