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Be your brothers keeper this holiday. drive safely.

The Christmas season is here again and the holidays have already began. Kenyans will be looking unto  us to guarantee them that they will see January 2013.
aMost accidents happen around this season and in my own opinion i believe this is largely because of inexperienced drivers and heavy drinking. It is during this month that the Toyota owners wants to visit forks in the shags and show off their Primos and Probox. On the way, they stop for the jinxed – one for the road – and by the time they get back behind the wheels, the end begins. Not just theirs, but also for family or friends traveling in the car and also the occupants of the other motor vehicle that will help them proof their madness.
 Another major cause of this Road accidents, is – in- experience. It is one thing to learn driving in one route, become a driver in the one route, and drive the same road for years. But it is a different thing to become a qualified driver. Most Kenyan drivers don’t even know which lane of a roundabout, go where; or which lane of a highway fits their speed
The sad news is that; we have so many in the Matatu Industry. I’m seeking assistance to give out 20,000 copies of the Book The Highway code:- to matatu drivers across Nairobi. This is to help them understand the meaning of the road signs they might encounter on the roads as they cash in on the upcountry long distance travels. I know how majority learned to drive and the shortcuts they used to get their licenses. They missed a vital lesson on road safety and the meaning of road signs. Unless we; Kenyans for Kenya. Reach out to them and knock some useful senses into their heads, they will continue posing a great danger on our roads. Donate a highway code to a driver this Christmas season.who knows, you could help save lives.


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Public service vehicles at your service.


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Why Aids- if its just sex?

The horror that Aids sometimes  is.

There are two things that really puzzles me in this life, and i pray that my Lord will protect me in a way that i will not be a victim. This two issues i have a problem with  are  actually connected but with deferring angles. My quest  is to know, Just What is the relationship or what link is there between H.I.V{ AIDS} and sex.  I have seen the horror that is a patient suffering from this disease,
In the industry that i work in, AIDS is not such a big deal. Why?  Because more than 10% of the operators either have the disease or are known to have had a partner who has the virus or has passed on. The first time i come face to face with  the victims of this deadly killer was in 1998 when one very close friend of mine was admitted at Kenyatta hospital. I visited him in the 8th floor but honestly, I was so scared, you can imagine walking in to a room full of people.  you then stop to think that, the reason  some ended up here in this condition is because they slept with somebody.
Whats behind this logic?  Most of the STD s are  painful and embarrassing as they are a nuisance  and show up sooner in a questionable manner that require  a visit to the doctor. but it is not so  with AIDS, This is a smooth ride to the grave.
Aids comes when you are at the height of enjoyment and fun.You feel no pain as the virus swims from one body into to the other. In cases of Adultery, nobody even finds out about it, it’s just the two people involved. They take a shower put on some makeups and off they go back  to their daily life,but wait until the pay-day comes, the horror that is AIDS pays a visit;
In my own personal opinion i think Aids has a lot to do  with scientists. Forgive me  but the fact is, Aids came to reform many..
What with all the fornication and Cheating we hear on the Radio every day,, And the newly introduced swag by modern class citizens called wife’s swapping?
The bible writer calls it,bread eaten in secret, it is sweet but the aftermath is disaster.
When AIDS  comes to your body, the end begins,you lose everything you have,Hair , weight, friends, Ability to work or even walk, you are left a bedridden in some dark and unhygienic corner of a room. All your investments comes to nothing, all your dreams die with you.
This is the horror that sex sometimes is,and yet, in every cover of the magazine, they always carry  some great news on how to improve, invent,  improvise and also tips on how to perfect this great act that sex is. I have never heard of a faithful couple who died of Aids but i know many singles whose players partners died of this disease.
Adultery is a sin not a crime,nor is  HIV–Aids a sin, but  be wise, it is not fit of anybody to die the same way they were conceived.

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Is the planned matatu strike justfied?

  Is the  Matatu strike justified.?
The planned matatu strike set to begin on December 19
this year and end on 27th unless the Government lower’s
the price of petro by 30% , is a big joke. striking to demand our rights is a good idea but the increase in the price of petrol is not a violation of our rights and even if it was, this is the wrong time. According to the planners, most travellers commute upcountry during this week to celebrate Christmas with their extended families. This is probably the most important week in the Matatus calendar. TO withdraw our services would affect thousands of passengers.
On the other hand, this will be a betrayal to our customers.
The matatus have a reputation of hiking fares during rush
hour and whenever it rains by an imaginable percentage.
There is no fixed rates and the fare depends on the crew.
Like in any profit making business, all the expenses are pushed
to the consumer. That includes the fuel expenses.
Going on strike on grounds of fuel increase is therefore
un professional and un called for. Matatus have gone on strike
I asked about ten drivers about their views on the strike and all of them said they will not be part. majority of the workers in the transport sector are hired on short-term
basis and paid on commission therefore most of us don’t have
any savings to sustain us through the Christmas period.
We too feel for our customers who are forced to dig deeper
in to their pockets to keep us in business, but denying them
the once in a year opportunity to spend time with their families
is too selfish.

The Doctors are on strike, patients are reported dying at the hospitals benches every day. they maybe right in demanding for higher salaries but why punish the ordinary poor Kenyan who need the cheaper Government hospital?

I will only participate in the strike if all motorists
agree to withdraw their vehicles from the roads. The issue of fuel affects everybody, from the manufacturing companies to the farmer using a generator to pump water to his farm.

The central organisation of trade union who have recently joined the call for this strike should first make plans to include matatu workers in the union.

Why don’t we
let the passengers call a strike and boycott our services
since its them who foot the bill.
Or has the cat become the defender of rats rights.?


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The Media to the rescue.

During the interview for the post  (know Your Matatu Driver), I blamed
the MEDIA for the negative attitude that Nairobians have  towards
matatu drivers. I must admit i have been proved wrong. They (Media)
have come back in a very big way and made up for all the damage. We in the
industry will for ever remain indebted to the people who listened to
our cry and gave what was in their power to make a difference.

 The first sign of hope came the morning Ciku-kimani of Nation media,
introduced me to Mike Healy of Ghostbox Tv and his producer Madam
Annie Maria.

 The first thing the
producer told me was that, they had come to listen to my story. I asked them for the script i was to follow but she told me there was no script unless I had to write one. I was determined to tell the matatu story to the media because I knew it was the only way we could be heard.

I was wired and the camera started rolling. It was 5:15 am
when I picked the  first passenger of the day. My two new friends from
UK were on the front seat, something  they will probably remember for
a very long time. It was the morning rush hour, and
jam was starting to build up. I tried following traffic but the
passengers wouldn’t take it. There was commotion and murmuring from
the back as my customers turned on Ciku thinking she was the reason
for the change of routine. Toa hizi ma-camera utupeleke job
tunachelewa. ( take away this cameras and take us to work) one of the
passengers demanded. The others joined in. I asked the lady if it was
okay if i do it the way we normally do and she said yeah. The first trip scared the **** out of our dear
visitors, Mike tried to stay calm and hide behind the camera. i could tell The
producer was cursing the day she boarded the plane to Africa. She was
convinced we would crush any minute. Twenty
minutes later we were in the capital. She sat on the back with her
seat belt on for the return trip.

The next handle was the
public, Ciku did a lot of persuading and convincing the passengers to ignore the cameras
while I kept the curious workmates at bay.. It was quite difficult the
first 2-3 days but we gave all we could. I knew deep down that the
success of this mission depended on how long we could keep our cover.
The only incident that would have slowed the process happened the second week, the cab driver who chartered the crew missed a
turn and drove into a ditch. I was not in the car neither was Ciku but
Luckily; mike called and I arrived at the scene just as somebody was about to break the
window. A few exchange of musculity created space to transfer the
guests to another car and to a safe place. I assured them that all
would be well and the shooting continued.

I could see the project was
taking a heavy toil on my friend Ciku, shooting during the day and
translating at night sometimes til morning and then starting all over again:not to mention having to endure loud music and thrilling rides. But her determination to
get the story out was extreme and we owe this to her.

When Mike boarded the plane back to UK
3 weeks later, he told me to keep my fingers closed and hope Aljazeera
would be interested with my story. Well, i couldn’t drive with my
fingers closed, I prayed instead.


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