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The Loliodo Express blessings.

our industry has seen its share of mysteries; we have passed through some incidents in the line of duty that will revolve in our minds for a very long time to come. one of such episode started happening late last year and has been going on till now, although of late- the demand for our services has gone down, It was claimed that, a doctor from the mountainous side of Tanzania has discovered a wonder drug that  can cure all illnesses.

This came as a blessing in disguise to us in the transport sector since- thanks to God,the level of our civilization has made us the only means of person’s transportation for the majority in this beautiful country called Kenya.We started offering our dear and much-needed Nairobi–Loliodo, services at six thousand shillings from the city center. According to our circulations, A fourteen seat-er, carrying fourteen fare paying passengers made a total collection of eighty-four thousand bob for a three days trip. Twenty thousand is enough for the crew and fuel, the agent gets four thousand and the vehicle owner goes home with a cool sixty thousand Ksh.When it all started, we had taken it as a big joke but as time went by, the demand grew to up to six or even more fourteen sitters  matatu’s a day, thanks to the media houses.

But what has really amazed us most is not the high number of Kenyans who are needing transport to the miracle cure, I was personally taken aback by how much the -well to do -Kenyans honestly believes in mystery’s and miracles.The journey would look just like the ordinary traffic as you drive along Langata road all the way to magadi rd junction. It is advisable to do a little shopping at the newly  opened Nakumatt Galleria, because you now have less than forty kilometers of modern civilization left . The next big town on the route is of-course the most famous Ongata Rongai township, it has a beautiful modern touch apartments and a big population. The town has grown along the road and may soon be connecting Rongai and Kiserian towns. After kiserian township, there are several but spaced residential houses for about another five kilometers before reaching -Ole-polo’s Restaurant.

The next eighty-five kilometers will be through valleys and hills, closing bridges and going up hills but the good news is that, the road was tarmacked some many years ago and Magadi soda company has been trying over the years to at least maintain it a little above pass-able, {not that they have a choice,it’s the only road leading to the Salt lake city island called Magadi township}. It’s yet another story with this town in the middle of nowhere, Here, you can get almost any food or service available in the big cities; canned sodas, fresh bread, cold beer,weed, swimming pool, just name it.. There is talk in the town that,one of the hotels has the facilities to host the queen of England in-case she might want to see the source of the Magadi soda which Britain uses to manufacture most of the exported glass they sell to Kenya. There is a check point just before you enter the magadi soda company which owns the lake plus everything in the town including the residents.

It is after this stage that the loliodo bound passengers realizes that they could have taken a big joke too far it’s  a  real test of just how far one is willing to go for what he/she believes. The wilderness becomes real once you pass the town,  there is nothing to see but plains and mountains. There are no official roads, only those that drivers have passed again and again and have made traceable tracks that cuts across the desert. The road will take you all the way to the shores of lake Natron  on the Tanzanian side, There are two ways to go beyond the lake, You can either choose to use the North track that goes through a very steep hill which will require all the passengers to help push the car or you can use the alternative route that will go all round the lake, meaning a full four hours extra trip. All this time you are already in the Tanzanian territory.

Many of those who have taken this faith journey either for personal reasons or professionally, like the case of the matatu drivers, have come back with  to tell,some have confessed to have actually taken the drug for no apparent reason.The whole spectacle has drawn a dividing line among most of us in the industry with majority on the opinion that those who have taken the drug are not true Christians, comparing the Loliodo episode to those of the local faith healers Who claim to heal any illness on the surface of the earth  The issue has opened a perspective as to how religion and believes do in reality affect or interfere with a person’s life and especially career.

We in the transport industry know of  some very strange happenings and highly emphasized believes in witchcraft among the team players in the sector. We have been hired to take people to very strange places to do questionable things and even some of our boss’s have taken us far and wide to have the vehicles protected by very funny people i say funny because i  honestly  don’t believe in the stuff that this people do.

.But just like the pool of Bethesda where it was believed that a certain angle entered the pool at a certain time and anyone who was lucky to be the first in the pool would receive instant healing, Loliodo come for those of little faith or great faith who did go on that Episcopal train, don’t worry if you did not get that instant healing, Jesus is still working miracles in the life’s of millions of his believers who wait on him.

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