A marriage of national interest

09 Mar

Just out of curiosity, though I hear that curiosity killed the cat, I would really like to know what merits will be used when the regular and the administration police units will be merged. I’m a Nairobi-resident and i don’t see myself moving to any other part of the country in the near future; not unless i win a green-card plus all expenses paid trip to America.{ I would want to go to a land that has a history of milk and honey}But  i haven’t  applied for the green card yet and it’s not part of the things I’m planning to do this year, i don’t even have a pass port. So,In the mean time, i guess i will stick long enough to see the policing units becoming one.

I’m deeply concerned about the two agencies  because as a Kenyan living in the heart of the capital, i know what they each mean to me and i believe to majority of us. I have great respect for this men and women,because without them live would be more tougher  than it is right now.I have this respect for the men and women who sacrifice their life day and night to keep us safe.

The administration police are to  me the true ambassadors of good government. why? because ,,(1) They are always very close to mwana-nchi to a point that at times it looks as if they are not cops. (2)They are in every village all over the country As long as there is a chief.

In the Urban centers, they are the one’s who stop crime once and for all. When ever there is a notorious criminal in their jurisdiction,  they hunt him and hand him over to the regular police. if he is again released may be after some corrupt deals, and he becomes a nuisance to the area residents, the Ap’s [as we commonly call them] will hunt the criminal down, shoot him in cold or warm or hot or whatever blood and  handover his body to the regulars.We all know the administration police and we respect their authority, even the ever furious and heavily armed Pokot’s and Turkana’s knows and respect them.

I live in an area that had been a problem to walk at night for many years but, by what must have been a God sent blessing, two AP’s were posted at Rongai chiefs camp. This two gentlemen deserves praise, i always meet them at odd hour patrolling the dark areas  stopping everyone but arresting none. It just feels good to know that they are that closer,even if you were to be attacked all you need do is call for help and they will be there in no time. long live the Administration police.

The Regular.

I’m not writing about individuals so i hope nobody takes this personally but all the same, there probably might be some who are good but i personally don’t know of anyone in particular. Those that i have dealt with have not given me a reason to want to have anything to do with them ever. I think this agency of our beloved government  was designed to operate like it does.They are the salesmen and women who sell justice, a good friend of mine tried to defend them in an article in the daily papers claiming that it is not the institution that is corrupt  but individuals. As much as i would like to agree with her, i still feel like the problem is with the syllabus  or whatever they call their guide-book at kiganjo.

When i was a young boy, i used to take to my hells every time i saw a police land-rover drive through the village, today over fifteen years later, my experience with them in the ten years i have been in the Matatu industry has but given meaning to all those times i had taken off. But at-times i am convinced that is how it’s supposed to work;  The good Administration cops and the Bad regular cops.

The issue of now bringing the two agencies together will cause a lot of dissatisfaction especially to the regular police because,they will now have to stay clear of corruption or train their counterparts.

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One response to “A marriage of national interest

  1. Eloy Renyer

    December 21, 2011 at 12:28 am

    I respect your work , thanks for all the great blog posts.


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