The women of my life

08 Mar

The international women  day marked is hundredth anniversary this year. Congratulation all mothers and girls  all over the world on this international day of recognition. I feel a personal responsibility to  recognize the women who have made my life what it is and have continued to support me over the years. On average I’m an everyday Kenyan hustling in the matatu industry, trying to raise a family. On the other hand, I have a dream of becoming the voice, for my brothers who work in the matatu industry.

As our mothers and sisters celebrate their day, I wish to show my appreciation to the following beautiful women.

My Mother.

For as long as the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached the name Mary will always be mentioned and given a special place in the hearts of men, and so it shall be for my mother and all mothers,depending on the outcome of our life’s.The bible tells me that God knew me before he formed me in my mother’s womb, that tells me that God knew my mother before He formed that child in side her body. Today is a big day for you mama God loves you so.

Mwalimu Wanjiru.

I was reading the scriptural story of the childhood of Jesus Christ and there was this story  of how it came to pass that, Joseph decided to take Jesus to school after bowing to pressure from neighbors and close associates. He and Mary prepared Jesus and took him to school (to learn his numbers}.

Upon being interviewed, the school master asked Jesus to say; alpha – and Jesus repeated- alpha. The school master then told him to say Beta; but Jesus refused, no matter how much the teacher asked him to repeat, he refused and asked the teacher to tell him what Alpha means before going to Beta.The teacher thought the young Jesus was being rude and picked a stick to strike him, but his hand became withered. Jesus then explained to the school master all the alphabet, from the first to the last, their meaning and the reason they are place in that order. The school master told Joseph, ”this Kid needs no education he seems to be wise than Noah who built the ark

Mwalimu wanjiru was my school master at Gikambura primary school between the year 1981 and 1989 and since I was not  Jesus, I had to go through the system to learn my numbers. it is because of her efforts that this article is written in English. Where ever she is ; God bless her.

Yvonne Owuor.

If there is anything that makes us equal, forget the beer commercials that says, that  a certain brand of beer makes us equal and has no equal. The real thing that brings two ,would never have met, people together is a taxi. This is how I met her. The renowned writer and a senior academic staff at Aga khan university appeared in my life just  Like the Phillip appeared to the Ethiopian  and the Ethiopian was baptized. Our belief time together got me thinking about giving writing and the use of words the respect they deserve. where ever she is, home or abroad God bless her.

My wife.

The bible says that , soon after creation, God saw that man was lonely and always by himself, he caused him to sleep and a lib was taken from him that formed the woman. Since then, and for as long as we shall keep this body, man will never be complete without a woman by his side. My wife is the only woman who comes  closer to replacing my lib. God bless her too.

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