The Christian in Me

25 Feb

I consider myself a Christian to my own eyes, I call myself a believer but I cannot honestly say I am like most Christians or may be not like majority of them. Have I ever been a church follower? Well the answer is yes, I even worked in a church. I washed the floor and planted gardens for the church. I attended services every Saturday.
Today I don’t attend church services every Sabbath and again, I don’t just  go to church not  unless I am  taking a friend whom I have spent a lot of time convincing that what I know, and whatever he thinks I have. It is God who has given to me for a reason. And the reason is because I am a preacher of the good news.
Any other  time I go to church is to give thanks for an answered prayer or to listen to a message I might  have been waiting for after a successful mission. perhaps You may ask yourself, why then did I leave the comfort of God’s house, If David himself a king, had desired to live in the house of the Lord forever?.. I will tell you why, The reason is– I never left,. I went on an undercover mission to find, teach and win souls for Jesus.
I guess the time I spent rubbing the floor while watering the flowers and also wiping holy tables qualified me to be trustworth,or may be it’s  the time I spent talking with the servants of God,  but all i can say is that, I learned  from the best. The time I spent with the missionary’s taught me what they know  and I became one of them or just like them, a fisher of men.
Before I was caught and I found myself in religious circles, I was one of the coolest matatu drivers Rongai had ever seen. Young good looking and skilled in overlapping and all the stuff that matatu drivers do. but when I checked myself on the good and the wicked scale, i.e when I started listening to them speaking about what God liked and what he called sin, I realized that I had committed 99% of the bad things and I was still committing more everyday. Even in the job I was doing for the church I wasn’t being too honest with the hours. At times I would come late and do less and still get my pay.
Is that the reason I quitted? NO. The answer is no I figured out that the best thing to do was to see their boss about the guilt that had started to disturb my sleep and my interests. I asked one of the pastors at the church what I could do with my problems and infact he was very helpful. He told me the best thing to do was to see the boss and explain to him my problems. He explained to me very clearly the procedure I was to follow because the boss was somewhere in heaven. He had only told them to go out to the whole world and preach the gospel to all creatures and that those who believe should be baptized. He also told them that He would be back anytime.
Lucky was Nicodemus, he had the opportunity to speak to Jesus face to face  about the kingdom of God.  The bible does not say much about what Nicodemous did with the answer he received from Jesus but it is recorded in the bible that he{ Nicodemus} influenced a decision in favor of Jesus when those who were planning to kill him asked his opinion. As for me nobody was going to ask for my opinion on the church. Was I left alone? No, they were very generous They did to me what Jesus told Nicodemus to go do; “You must be born again through water to receive the spirit.”
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  1. wambururu

    December 23, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks for appreciating enough to comment. I would be happy to be of more help. Welcome


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