Who do you really love.

23 Feb

It was valentine the other day and like everybody else, i could not ignore the urge to spare a thought for love. I did not have to believe in valentine{by the way i don’t even know who this valentine is, and what it is that he did on Feb 14} but still i found myself thinking about who i really love. My first thought went straight to God because i honestly love Him with all my heart. But valentine is not my day with God i have a special day for my Lord and i call it the Sabbath.

My mother comes second in the list of people i have a special place for in my heart, i was thinking about sending her a happy valentine message but decide otherwise. She is so important to me and my life  and i can not risk my relationship with her in-case this valentine did not turn out to be such a nice guy.You never know this days,  somebody might leak some very personal stuff about this valentine to the wiki leaks. I made up my mind to visit her in the shags over the weekend. I had never seen her wear a red dress and carry flowers in the sixteen years we shared the same roof. May been this valentine just showed up the other day or she just don’t care.

I extended my search to include  the most important women in my life. my search machine stopped at a girl named Mary, a young beautiful Jewish girl, a first born daughter of Joachim and his wife Anna. She was partly raised by her parents but spent most of her childhood and early teenage in the temple of the lord. She gave birth when she  fourteen and it is because of the child she brought forth that i have a special place for her in my heart. Her son is my savior and my lord in his name i call heaven and the heavens sends help. But again she is in heaven itself and i don’t think valentine means anything where she is.

My search machine looked further and Ellen G. White came to my mind, She is my spiritual mother and the woman who helped me to understand the word of God as its written in  the new testament , I never had the opportunity to see her face to face but i know that if one day the end will come for the whole world and the judgment day, then i will see her again. The words she left behind in her many books have proofed to have been inspired by a powerful and yet caring God. There was no way i was going to send her a happy valentine message, the last time she walked on Earth is over a hundred years ago.

The result of  my search pointed to the one woman I share life with. I thought deeply about  what she really mean to me and why I should claim to love her. She is the mother to my kids, that is to say she has given me descendants who will continue after I’m done.  I don’t think I need valentine or any particular day for that matter, to  know if I love her or not. But if love is anything, then I guess I do love her; Happy valentine my dear.

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One response to “Who do you really love.

  1. wambururu

    December 21, 2011 at 10:10 am

    That moment is all i pray from my those who come across my blog. Its good to know you loved it. More coming. Cheers


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