Isn’t it written?

13 Feb

When i was growing up back in the village, my dad used to tell me that its better to hurt the feelings or pride of a person by telling him, he has some whitish stuff in the corner of the eye than to let that person be looked down by another. Although It is easily said, in reality, it’s  hard to confront another person on issues that may turn to humiliate that person. I guess it’s the reason it was said that; truth hurts.

The confrontation i have in mind and the one I’m trying to relate with the advice my dad gave me has to do with an earlier article i had post in this blog about HIV AIDS and sex, titled Why Aids If It’s Just Sex?I extend my apology to those who’s feeling might be offended by my views. 

 HIV and Aids was officially declared a national disaster a couple of years back and if the report we get from the media is anything to believe, this killer disease has left a trail of broken homes and millions of orphans across the globe. May be we have tried all avenues in the fight against the spread of this disease to a point that the government has included in its budget millions of shillings for importation of condoms.

The catholic church which had stood its ground over the years has started showing cracks and sooner, the faithful might start enjoying the forbidden fruit. But that is not to mean we have lost the fight. It’s about time that we face this disease head on. Rather than devote all our time and resources on naturing the victims, we should make it everybody responsibility to warn our youth about the consequences of engaging in Adultery.

In the good book it is written; Pay attention and listen to wisdom my son. the lips of another mans wife may be sweet as honey and her kisses as smooth as olive oil but when it’s over, she leaves you nothing but bitterness and pain. she will take you down to the world of the dead, strangers will take your wealth and what you have worked for will belong to another. you will lie groaning on your deathbed, your fresh and muscles being eaten away and you will say ; why did i not listen to my teachers? why would i not let anyone correct me? The book of proverbs chapter 5 is dedicated to those who want to save their life’s. it ends with this warning. The Lord sees everything you do, where ever you go, He is watching. the sins of the wicked man is a trap. he gets caught in the net of his own sins. He dies because he has no self-control, His utter stupidity will send him to his grave .

I don’t know of any other road that Adultery uses to go through all the stages from the smooth kisses to the groaning in bed, but i know Aids comes closer to fulfilling this pattern. Aids may not be a sin Only disease but The next time you see a person engaging in Adultery, think AIDS.

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