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The Christian in Me

I consider myself a Christian to my own eyes, I call myself a believer but I cannot honestly say I am like most Christians or may be not like majority of them. Have I ever been a church follower? Well the answer is yes, I even worked in a church. I washed the floor and planted gardens for the church. I attended services every Saturday.
Today I don’t attend church services every Sabbath and again, I don’t just  go to church not  unless I am  taking a friend whom I have spent a lot of time convincing that what I know, and whatever he thinks I have. It is God who has given to me for a reason. And the reason is because I am a preacher of the good news.
Any other  time I go to church is to give thanks for an answered prayer or to listen to a message I might  have been waiting for after a successful mission. perhaps You may ask yourself, why then did I leave the comfort of God’s house, If David himself a king, had desired to live in the house of the Lord forever?.. I will tell you why, The reason is– I never left,. I went on an undercover mission to find, teach and win souls for Jesus.
I guess the time I spent rubbing the floor while watering the flowers and also wiping holy tables qualified me to be trustworth,or may be it’s  the time I spent talking with the servants of God,  but all i can say is that, I learned  from the best. The time I spent with the missionary’s taught me what they know  and I became one of them or just like them, a fisher of men.
Before I was caught and I found myself in religious circles, I was one of the coolest matatu drivers Rongai had ever seen. Young good looking and skilled in overlapping and all the stuff that matatu drivers do. but when I checked myself on the good and the wicked scale, i.e when I started listening to them speaking about what God liked and what he called sin, I realized that I had committed 99% of the bad things and I was still committing more everyday. Even in the job I was doing for the church I wasn’t being too honest with the hours. At times I would come late and do less and still get my pay.
Is that the reason I quitted? NO. The answer is no I figured out that the best thing to do was to see their boss about the guilt that had started to disturb my sleep and my interests. I asked one of the pastors at the church what I could do with my problems and infact he was very helpful. He told me the best thing to do was to see the boss and explain to him my problems. He explained to me very clearly the procedure I was to follow because the boss was somewhere in heaven. He had only told them to go out to the whole world and preach the gospel to all creatures and that those who believe should be baptized. He also told them that He would be back anytime.
Lucky was Nicodemus, he had the opportunity to speak to Jesus face to face  about the kingdom of God.  The bible does not say much about what Nicodemous did with the answer he received from Jesus but it is recorded in the bible that he{ Nicodemus} influenced a decision in favor of Jesus when those who were planning to kill him asked his opinion. As for me nobody was going to ask for my opinion on the church. Was I left alone? No, they were very generous They did to me what Jesus told Nicodemus to go do; “You must be born again through water to receive the spirit.”
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Who do you really love.

It was valentine the other day and like everybody else, i could not ignore the urge to spare a thought for love. I did not have to believe in valentine{by the way i don’t even know who this valentine is, and what it is that he did on Feb 14} but still i found myself thinking about who i really love. My first thought went straight to God because i honestly love Him with all my heart. But valentine is not my day with God i have a special day for my Lord and i call it the Sabbath.

My mother comes second in the list of people i have a special place for in my heart, i was thinking about sending her a happy valentine message but decide otherwise. She is so important to me and my life  and i can not risk my relationship with her in-case this valentine did not turn out to be such a nice guy.You never know this days,  somebody might leak some very personal stuff about this valentine to the wiki leaks. I made up my mind to visit her in the shags over the weekend. I had never seen her wear a red dress and carry flowers in the sixteen years we shared the same roof. May been this valentine just showed up the other day or she just don’t care.

I extended my search to include  the most important women in my life. my search machine stopped at a girl named Mary, a young beautiful Jewish girl, a first born daughter of Joachim and his wife Anna. She was partly raised by her parents but spent most of her childhood and early teenage in the temple of the lord. She gave birth when she  fourteen and it is because of the child she brought forth that i have a special place for her in my heart. Her son is my savior and my lord in his name i call heaven and the heavens sends help. But again she is in heaven itself and i don’t think valentine means anything where she is.

My search machine looked further and Ellen G. White came to my mind, She is my spiritual mother and the woman who helped me to understand the word of God as its written in  the new testament , I never had the opportunity to see her face to face but i know that if one day the end will come for the whole world and the judgment day, then i will see her again. The words she left behind in her many books have proofed to have been inspired by a powerful and yet caring God. There was no way i was going to send her a happy valentine message, the last time she walked on Earth is over a hundred years ago.

The result of  my search pointed to the one woman I share life with. I thought deeply about  what she really mean to me and why I should claim to love her. She is the mother to my kids, that is to say she has given me descendants who will continue after I’m done.  I don’t think I need valentine or any particular day for that matter, to  know if I love her or not. But if love is anything, then I guess I do love her; Happy valentine my dear.

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Isn’t it written?

When i was growing up back in the village, my dad used to tell me that its better to hurt the feelings or pride of a person by telling him, he has some whitish stuff in the corner of the eye than to let that person be looked down by another. Although It is easily said, in reality, it’s  hard to confront another person on issues that may turn to humiliate that person. I guess it’s the reason it was said that; truth hurts.

The confrontation i have in mind and the one I’m trying to relate with the advice my dad gave me has to do with an earlier article i had post in this blog about HIV AIDS and sex, titled Why Aids If It’s Just Sex?I extend my apology to those who’s feeling might be offended by my views. 

 HIV and Aids was officially declared a national disaster a couple of years back and if the report we get from the media is anything to believe, this killer disease has left a trail of broken homes and millions of orphans across the globe. May be we have tried all avenues in the fight against the spread of this disease to a point that the government has included in its budget millions of shillings for importation of condoms.

The catholic church which had stood its ground over the years has started showing cracks and sooner, the faithful might start enjoying the forbidden fruit. But that is not to mean we have lost the fight. It’s about time that we face this disease head on. Rather than devote all our time and resources on naturing the victims, we should make it everybody responsibility to warn our youth about the consequences of engaging in Adultery.

In the good book it is written; Pay attention and listen to wisdom my son. the lips of another mans wife may be sweet as honey and her kisses as smooth as olive oil but when it’s over, she leaves you nothing but bitterness and pain. she will take you down to the world of the dead, strangers will take your wealth and what you have worked for will belong to another. you will lie groaning on your deathbed, your fresh and muscles being eaten away and you will say ; why did i not listen to my teachers? why would i not let anyone correct me? The book of proverbs chapter 5 is dedicated to those who want to save their life’s. it ends with this warning. The Lord sees everything you do, where ever you go, He is watching. the sins of the wicked man is a trap. he gets caught in the net of his own sins. He dies because he has no self-control, His utter stupidity will send him to his grave .

I don’t know of any other road that Adultery uses to go through all the stages from the smooth kisses to the groaning in bed, but i know Aids comes closer to fulfilling this pattern. Aids may not be a sin Only disease but The next time you see a person engaging in Adultery, think AIDS.

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