Judge not what you don’t understand

03 Jan

When NARC[Kenya} came to power after winning the 2002 general elections, One minister Hon. michuki took over the helm in the ministry of transport , he immediately issued an ultimatum to all Public Service Vehicles operators to comply to some measures that were put in place to bring change in the sector that had been the cause of many road accidents deaths.
Most of us {staff} were caught an aware by the new requirements, and Quite a number of us decided to seek other means of putting bread on the table, as we waited for things to cool down a little bit.
I was one of those who changed career’s, My search for a change,started in Rongai  and ended in kitengela township. I had been a Matatu driver for ten years and thanks to the Almighty God never been in an accident, I was and still i believe I’m one of the best their has been so far in Rongai. When the Government’s agents moved in, i left for Kitengera where I landed a job as a landscaper for a Japan based, Christian mission which has interests in the larger Maasai community.

I was a signed a five acre plot to take care of the plants and make whatever change i felt were necessary, it was more of a gardeners job, The wages were fine and always paid on time. Within the first months after starting my new vocation, i noticed that people were looking at me rather differently and also giving me a cold reception whenever i walked to a public place, especially eating places. I asked one of my workmates the reason for this and what i heard was impossible to believe, Word in the town was that, the institution was a temple of devil worshippers, from Korea.{perhaps you have heard the stories about devil worship}.-
There was a rumour that the main building has a stair case that goes down to an underground hall where they believed prayers were held. Every body had a different story others saying that the Worshipers were said to leave all their cloths at the door and  walk backward facing the door as they go deep in to the hall.
The church is built on a 1/4 acre plot adjacent to the main Nairobi-Namanga highway, its located next to a tourist hotel and is mostly mistaken to be part of the restaurant. It has a state of the art round house complete with a pool and a car park. a well maintained garden is what greats you even before you go past the gate. There is security {Factory guards}twenty four hours everyday. The gate is always closed but remains open all day Saturday,when its open for public.
In the three yrs that i worked in kitengera, i was fortunate enough to meet some of the seniors leaders of the church. The first man who gave me a hint as to what goes on behind the large green gates was the late pastor Muchanji {God rest his soul in the beautiful heaven that he always preached.}, he was killed by car jackers who were later arrested ferrying Bhang in his Car from western Kenya.
This man of God introduced me to the head pastor who was in charge of the Kenyan mission at that time,a one Rev. Shivata, he is now based in Tokyo Japan the h/q of the church.During my stay at the mission , i was graced with the honour of meeting the founder of the church the late Bishop. during his last visit to Kenya. The church has other missions in Europe, America and also in other parts of Africa.
I am one of the beneficially of the church, i was baptised in the pool outside the church,i took holy communion and sung hymns . i have worked in every room in that compound. I stayed for months in the missionary’s house. I know all the pastors and their families, i know their private lives both in the church and away from the pulpit.
I remember the one time, i confronted a senior pastor and asked him about the word that was going around in the town. He told me he was also aware about the rumour, but it had worked to the advantage of the mission. But- how??– because,,,, only genuine believers of Jesus Christ can get the courage to go beyond those gates, and thus leaving out all pretenders. No pretender would dare to be called a devil Worshipper for the simple act of going to church.
This church is based on the believe that, Jesus is the One and only spirit of God that was spoken of in Genesis 1. verse 2. as being present with God in the beginning.  he came to His Earth in the body like of  a man., Members of the church are taught to go through the baptism of water {Immersion} to receive the holy spirit just like Jesus did in river Jordan.
The church is open to people of all denominations. i have seen Muslim come to be baptised and return to worship in their Islamic mosques after receiving the holy spirit. I know many pastors and other spiritual leaders who have come to the church for the baptism. I myself was a street hustler[drugs,alcohol,that stuff] and after receiving the holy baptism i returned to the streets to plant the seeds of the holy spirit. I have taken , drug paddlers and prostitutes to the church for baptism.
A Pastor at the church one Mr.Takemoto, once said to me, “You know something James, no one can come between those two gates to enter this church not unless he/she has a direct approval from Jesus.”
well, I don’t know about you, but the words were true to me and probably the reason the church has not been discovered by many, bearing in mind that its neighboured on the north by Eastern Provence. an area know for its dependency on witchcraft
If you have heard the gossip about devil worshippers churches in your area, Do not add your voice to the hearsay going around, you might talk ill of the only way out of your miseries,and probably the kingdom of God.
Come worship with us any Saturday from 10.30 am. but you must first pass approval from our head, Jesus Christ. Don’t judge what you don’t understand.


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2 responses to “Judge not what you don’t understand

  1. Samuel Michira

    June 25, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I personally worshiped in the chuch,Its a God fearing n We use the Holy Bible,as said above Only those chosen by Lord Jesus can pass thr’ the green gates by leting all myths aside & follow The Lord.REMEMBER many have been called but a few are chosen,would u b 1 of them?

    • wambururu

      July 3, 2014 at 4:18 pm

      Thanks samuel now i have a witness. pray for all of us who have kept the faith.


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