30 Dec

Civilization or lets call it technology has come with enough information on the steps mankind has taken to fight illiteracy. It is through composition of words that wise men and women have shared and continue to share their knowledge and passing it on to other generations. Through the print media and the information available on the web, it is now easy for even the layman to access almost every issue he/she would love to know for a fact or prove its origin. It is recorded in the good book that God wrote the Ten Commandments and it is his spirit that led prophets through different generations to write. It is also noted in the last book of the New Testament, John was instructed to write what he saw and heard,today we call it the revelation.

Apart from what God created, every other thing or activity has its origin on some written word either a map, a blue print and in most cases a rough paper. In our time it is most likely that even CNN and Microsoft or the American inversions to Iraq were once ideas that somebody took the time to write on a paper or a page in a computer. Might be, when they shared their thoughts with others they become realities or what we are seeing today.
Words form a greater part of nature than we would love to admit.The media houses play a major role in the development and the direction of the society. The print media takes over from where the syllabus in our education system ends.
It is right or may be okay to say that the media is the only peoples driven government of the people for the people now the big question is who has the truth.

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