Its a spirits world.

22 Dec

The bible says that; In the beginning there was word,and the word was with God,and the word was God.It goes on to say that everything that is, was made by Him,and that there is nothing that is, that was not made by Him. The book also says that God is a spirit and those who worship Him worship Him in spirit.
In river Jordan, John the Baptist witnessed the spirit of God alighting from heaven like a dove and resting on the head of  Jesus. Another John the writer of the gospel, quotes Jesus[The one who had received the spirit] as tell his believers that, He would not leave them alone but He would send a helper, the spirit of God; to come to them and help them and also teach them about Him.
Many people I have met and had the opportunity to share the word of God with, have only but left me wondering just how many Gods are out there: or to put it in simple words, what is it that man looks for to identify God?
I have read the Bible from the book of Genesis{although i have not fully understood what John is talking about in the book of Revelations} and as i have turned from chapter to chapter and book after another, my understanding is that, the world and everything in it is all but spiritual.

We eat, sleep, die, live, play ,rest, worship, sin, fall, raise, do everything we do even with our bodies as we are guided by the spirit or spirits for that matter. Our bodies are specially made to contain a spirit whether good or evil.  All living things were made by God and are the fruits of the spirit.
For anyone reading the Bible even for the very first time,He/she will find it spelled very clearly In the first two verse of the book of Genesis that;In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, The Earth was shapeless and void and darkness was on the whole face of the Earth, But the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.This information alone to any serious reader who is reading the bible to gain knowledge, will bear in mind as he reads the rest of the book that, Even before any other knowledge about God is available to the world , the spirit of God was present in the void and shapeless dark world, there is also water in the world.Everything else that is written in the following chapters is the results of interactions between God ,the spirit and the man that God had said, Let US make man in our image.
Today it has become even more complicated to know the truth especially for us Africans; because of our poor reading culture,{what with the daily struggle to meet the ever-increasing cost of living and paying for our kids education-}Instead we have left it to pastors and preachers to communicate to God on our behalf and in return, we give them what they tell us God wants from us. we go to them to confess our sins according to how they tell us we have sinned, but we don’t follow-up to see if they deliver to God; what we can,and could only have given to God. we feel that,God prefers them to us.
Most of us knows that, For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only begotten son that who soever believes in Him shall no way perish but have ever lasting life. But only a few knows that the only begotten son of our living God can live in them if only they give Him their hearts.
When one leader of the ancient Rules called Nicodemus, noticed that there was something peculiar about Jesus and the way he was doing his things,he went to him at night and said to him.
“Hey, teacher, what is the secret?”
Jesus answered him, “You must be born again.”
“But how?”
“Through water to receive the spirit.” Jesus told him.
If you are honestly looking for the kingdom of God, start at the river. that is where the spirit is and has always been.

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