What caused the pot belly?

02 Dec

I have for a long time wanted to tell somebody about this message.Though i work in an industry that most people would not even imagine that we read the bible leave alone understand its contents. It has been a tough decision to make because i had to decide, whether i am doing it in all truth,or i have a secret hatred for our dear sisters. The reason I would still prefer to give it more time is because of the impact its going to have on the life’s of those who find themselves victimized by this topic, but still, i feel its much better if i share it with everybody, in case a better mind will explain it better to me.  The issue at hand is the what is causing  pot belly in married women and yet they where the shape of coca cola bottle before marriage. In my own opinion, Adultery has also contributed though there are other reasons.

In the society that we are living today, People  have become  what a Swahili speaker would call;-Kuzoeana na Mungu-i.e we have gotten used to God. Fornication and cheating among the married is the hottest news. Married women call  FM station explaining how they are making good this horrifying act, some with younger men and even domestic workers including watchmen. But is this the cause of this figure-less woman of today? lets see the possibilities.

The teaching on the trial of unfaithful woman is found in the old testament book of Numbers chapter 5; in the text that runs from verse 11 and ends with verse 29; God the father of creation tells Moses how he would come to deal with a scorn that was soon to visit the house of Israel and later spread to the whole world. It also tells of the punishment that God promises to bring on the perpetrators of the most hidden crime of a cheating wife..

It may sound flimsy to a modern Christian to imagine that , a little evidence like a husbands suspicion of his wife was enough to warrant a trial and if the accused was found to have committed the crime, then something would happen to her stomach and thighs and it would be a sign to the holy ones not to defile themselves with her. The verdict is clearly spell out in Chapter 5 verse 27; And when he has made her to drink of the water, then it shall come to pass that, if she be defiled and has done trespass against her husband, the water that causes the curse shall enter into her and become bitter and her belly shall swell and her thigh shall rot. and the woman shall be a curse among her people,
In our age and time ,much has changed and it might proof a bit hard to find a priest who is willing to perform the trail or even find any who knows of their being such a thing. but this whole concept changes once we look at what our lord and saviour revealed to Paul, 500 yrs after the law was first published. The passage found in the first letter he [Paul] wrote to the Corinthians, takes us back to the same trial and the punishment that those in the days of Moses had to go through, we see that it is only the circumstances that have changed, but the law of God has remained is effective as ever.

In the book of 1. Corinthians 11. Paul here again bringing the high priest who is our Lord Jesus Christ in the seat of judgement. In His death on the cross,Jesus sheds his own blood,to atone for all sacrifices, marking the end of all blood sacrifices. In this particular case of unfaithfulness, his blood takes the place of the blood of  birds, the measure of flour and herbs>,In verse 27.Paul wrote a warning to those who were taking in vain the holy communion which is observed to remind us of the innocent death on the cross of our Lord; ”wherefore who so ever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the lord unworthily,shall be guilty of the blood and body of the lord,28; but let every man examine himself and drink this cup.29;for he that eats and drinks unworthily,eats and drinks damnation to himself;not discerning the Lords body. in the final verse 30 .Paul wrote; it is for this cause that many are weak and sick and many sleep. so before you put that sacrament bread and sip that cup of the Lord, know thyself..

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