Lack of spiritual leadership is to blame

20 Nov

Spiritual vacuum is to blame for majority of the problems affecting most Kenyans and i believe majority of Africans .We are like a continent walking and working in the dark.  How did i come to such a conclusion? –well, let me explain:

In a book titledExploring your unconscious mind the writer tells of a young man who had nothing but bad lack, he had failed in three attempts to start a business, been divorced twice, have had two children born with handicap,and generally had every reason to indeed think that some devil-or a negative spirit was accompanying him throughout life:

Does the story sound anything close to someone you know? I bet.  In my career as a public transporter; aka, matatu driver, I’m left with no option when it comes to getting the latest news , one of the reasons is that i have a radio fitted in my office cum dashboard and its part of my job to entertain my passengers costumers with it. It’s always, Classic FM in the morning; Easy FM for midday and early afternoon, and then Busted with Ciku in the evening traffic.I also buy  copies of Daily nation and Nairobi star for my customers.

In the past one week alone,i have listened to two, very disturbing episodes that were aired live on radio.  It started with Maina and Kinyangi in the breakfast show,{by the way this show is a must, passengers don’t request they demand for it } there was this lady called Mwende who called the Radio station and confessed of having put her ex-boyfriend on …pause, hold, sleep or what do you call that? i don’t know, but this poor fellow has zero control when it comes to pale-pale; Wao, that is one of the worst thing that can befall a man especially if he is childless.

Before i had recovered from that shock, –Ciku- was on the air, She was calling some guy who claims to talks to the departed souls;  Guess what she wanted to find out from the dead guy?- She wanted to  bust whatever this total stranger had busted from ATM machines before he was busted busting one.

This is the shocking truth that we live with; unlike the brave faces we put out there for publicity,majority of us have burdens that we have lived with and will continue to carry for years to come. I know many of my work-mates, who carry funny stuff stashed somewhere safe either in their wallets or sewn with stitches to their uniforms.This funny stuff or whatever its called is supposed to bring them good luck and do many other things including,pulling customers, making them forget their change,blinding the traffic cops, among other things.

It is tragically interesting that, this  madness is based upon systems of logic which does not offer solutions but only propel many away from and not as presumed toward a better life. Our church leaders who we had depended on for many years have also joined  the same bandwagon . It’s now common even on TV to see pastors dishing out{selling} hanks, clay pots inscribed with biblical quotes, rags, paintings and bottled drinking water. They teach the believers to give this Idols religious meanings .  Our Muslim brothers have not spared the deteriorating Christians, they have set up public forums where they have pitched camps and puncture holes in the New Testament books written by Paul and so, raising many questions in the minds of many as to the sacredness of the bible.

According to B.Frank Foster; the author of Exploring your unconscious mind– This has similarity to Newton’s law of Inertia; We are a body moving in the wrong  direction as far as spirituality is concerned and we will continue  do so until intercepted by a greater force; It will take a major regenerative experience to alter this course that have become the noun in almost every traditional African community. Or, as Jesus had put it to Nicodemus in John chapter three; we need to be born again.

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  1. How to Become a History Teacher

    January 20, 2012 at 1:45 am

    It’s not easy, however i really believe an individual just have to end up being objective about oneself and also understand that occasionally when someone is actually criticizing they’re simply giving


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