The survival of the blacksheep

12 Oct

I don’t really know the origin of wise words or call them sayings, but it is not rocket science to prove their accuracy. Though not all sayings can be classified as wise words, some have the ability to transform or change one’s direction and the way they look at life and people in general. Bitter as it sometimes sounds, the truth even when time-tested, always does remain the same. So it was said, “the truth stands the test of time”
Does that give you the impression that, whoever said a bad start creates a good step had  insight or some hidden wisdom? Well let’s look at the possibilities; first what has a bad start got to do with a good step? At one time in everyone’s life, when the journey for self awareness begins the mind awakes to the realization that a man (woman) is in chains right from birth and his/her main duty in the world and also his/her destiny is to win for himself some degree of freedom. Armed with this realization, the nature in man looks for ways to escape the awareness of his duty and try as much as possible not to face this reality.
As a first step, man after knowing for a fact that he is not in the world to rest, becomes weak in making decisions that he knows will determine the outcome of his/her future. His awareness of the time he/she is living in starts to affect how he/she acts and thinks.
In majority of cases, people who are known to have had a violated upbringing or those we commonly refer to as the black sheep’s of the family, begins to take note of the activities happening around them. They manage to convince their minds that they re not wanted or loved and so being, those close to them, either relatives or guardians become their source of torment. In order to find acceptance, the culprit expands their circles of companionship by going out of their totem and accepting outsiders’ (strangers) opinions or teachings. As T.S Elliot wrote in his poem ‘The East Cocker’ – Home is where one starts from, as we grow older the pattern become strange with no before or after but a lifetime burning in every direction”
Once outside the circle that had been their only home, most culprits wake up to the reality that it’s not just their family’s who don’t need (love) them, but the world also has no place for their little knowledge or their self-centeredness. They begin to take account of the negative impact life and the human race has had on their messed lives, where in most cases result to depression. Depression arises the feeling of hopelessness and worst being the reality that it is self-inflicted which makes it hard or next to impossible to accept outside help. Their minds are programmed to believe and trust in self and no one else.
Depending on the knowledge previously known to the culprits, majority seeks a companion in religion, while the rest are divided. Some ending up in alcohol and drugs while others commit suicide. Many of those who end up in religious groups are in most cases known to overcome depression with the recognition of, another power higher than man. By their newly found faith they ascribes beneficence and higher purpose to the power which is superior to themselves and envisions a higher destiny and noble attributes that encourages and stimulates them in their struggle for existence.
The other group that finds comfort in drugs are in most cases known or referred to be in denial. Drugs in whatever form come in hardy not only for their ability to free the mind but also for the out of space feeling, which is made possible by the power of stimulated imaginations. They in vain try to seek away out of their problems by freeing the conscious mind that is aware of their difficulties and sinking in the pressure of unconsciousness.caused by and depending on the type of drug and their effect on human chemistry. They find a personal companion in meditation and concentration caused by chemical effects to the human brain cells. Here again, depending on the information previously known to them, this concentration helps them to meditate on either themselves or the negative aspects of other people.
Among those who take drugs that have little effect on their reasoning ability e.g. marijuana and miraa, some choose to lock themselves in their own imaginative world and are later known to adopt a religious lifestyle and manage to raise to public recognition through public forums or projects that require public relations experience, armed with the lessons learned during the period they had isolated themselves from the rest of the world.
To others, the break comes when due to the nature of humans they reach an age where they must reach out of themselves for their opposites. This is when they meet members of opposite sex who accepts them for who they are. This new feeling of being accepted triggers their believe in themselves and in order to conceal their messed lives from their new-found love, some return to the public life in a rush to catch up with the rest. They use their trained understanding to seek for careers or opportunities that have higher financial returns that will help them to achieve the goals they had imagined in their former state of mind.
Among those who take alcohol and hard drugs, majority are known to find faults in everything and everybody most of them end up committing petty crimes like stealing from their house and close relatives. Some do recover but majority becomes defendant on relatives or making their homes in places where alcohol or those drugs can be easily accessed.
In order to maintain the perfect law of nature, violated homes and black sheep’s will always be with us, It would be a great loss to the world if everybody was brought up in a perfect home, it would seem lacking with absence of  people like 50 Cent, Bob Marley and our very own Bishop, Margaret Wanjiru. As a famous activist once said,” Big things are done by little people who think big thoughts and then go out into the world to make their dreams true”. Or to put it in a more spiritual way. Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible. Jesus is quoted in the good book of having said that the poor will always be with us I guess even the black sheep’s. It starts with rejection then acceptance finally success.
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    December 21, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I hope you received my new post. It has part of the contents of my book which may be on sale this coming year. You are welcomed to read and share with your friends. Have a wonderful time and a great year.


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