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My date With the outlawed

For a very long time, i had dreaded the idea or even the thought of find myself in prison. why?, for the obvious reason; All the hardcores are held there.I could not imagine being locked in the same place with murderers and rapists. I used to think that  murderers are people who can stop at nothing to win their way including, taking another persons life. But when i finally found myself in prison, i changed that conception.I realized that most or majority of those facing murder charges are only but cowards,who couldn’t face the challenges of life and ended up being holed up in protected facility where they are feed,clothed and told what to do and where to sleep..

I could not believe it when in the evening; After all the doors were locked{The prison authority locks and don’t open again till morning,even if somebody died in the cells,its a security measure.} the Wanugu’s would come to my corner in the remand cell and sit around me to teach them the word of God. I  prayed with them sometimes  until late in the morning, trying to assure them that the Lord is all merciful and they stand a chance to be forgiven if only they would repent their sins and give their hearts to Christ.

Later after my stint in Jail, i came face to face with the Mob. The day was a Saturday, i had spent the better part of the day at Langata cemetery for the burial of one close friend, who had been knocked down by a speeding motorist on his way home from Visa place where he had attended a live performance by one John Demathew. I was making good the remainder of the evening at my usual joint when i was involved in a heated argument with one makanga over some money he was supposed to pay me for services i had rendered to the crew. This young tout in his early twenties was one of those i had help find footing in the matatu industry but he had joined a group that has personal interests in the industry,thus he had become untouchable. Being a senior staff in the job, i felt i should not let him rob me my sweat,and the driver of the said matatu was called and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.
I was shocked to find myself surrounded by armed men, i was not armed when the gang of over ten people alighted from the same matatu that i had, had a beef with an hour earlier. They did not bother with taking details but rather one guy with a metal bar aimed at my head and lucky he was; because he got me on the left side, blood flew out from the the cut blocking my view, i wiped with the hand to clear the eyes, just in time as  he aimed the second time, i used my right hand to block the attempt, and got another deep cut on the arm. The rest of the men joined in and it was Everybody hitting where he could see. They were trying to drag me toward the parked Matatu vehicle they had come in to take me far from the crowd that had started to build up.I was poked with a sharp object on the upper lip and felt fresh warm blood in my mouth, i guess that’s when i realized that this people were planing to kill me, i fought back and by the grace of the Almighty God some retreated and created a gap between them which i used to the fullest advantage.The guy with the iron bar aimed again at my head but i was expecting the blow, i bended slightly and he got his friends chest, the guy cried out and they all became confused. I run across the road to at a nearby petrol station where some people had seek refuge, word had gone out that the dreaded gang was on a mission and the town was at stand still. The guard at the gas station tried to chase me off but i stayed put.At least he was one man, i could fight with him if need be, but i was not going to the darkness again, not until i was sure it was safe.
They all got back to the matatu and drove of toward the shopping centre. i was left heavily bleeding but thanks to God i was alive. i build courage and walked the one kilometre journey to my rented house, I found my wife and kids watching TV and decided it was not okay to let the kids see me socked in my own blood, i hanged around for about an hour until i was sure they were in bed and sleeping then knocked at the door.I got first aid from my wife, smoked a roll of weed and hit the bed,the doctor would have to wait for the day to break..
I did not go to the cops the following day and neither in the days after, it would not have helped in any way, this was just an ordinary happening in the matatu industry. When i look back and think about the consequences of what happened, i cant help feeling sorry for those men who have decided to KEEP IT REAL by assaulting others only to be recognised that they belong to a certain gang. This men could have ended up in jail if i had wanted to pursue the case, some if not all could have been convicted, they would by now be serving long sentences but i see them every day.though we don’t exchange a healthy smile, i know who they owe their freedom. As is said, Every dog has its day, when your day comes to face the mob, there is no other way but to face the trial,but at times its a matter of life and death.

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